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June 09, 2009


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Woot woot for you! I'm so excited because Door to Door Organics is delivering my first batch of fresh organic fruit with some veggies on Thursday right to my door! So many of us in the office are gearing up to join our own co-op so that we can save some money by having it delivered to the office. Such a cool idea and the fact that it will save us time at the grocery store and the produce will be fresher...pays for itself!

Dare I ask... where's the beef? :)

Okay, it's Melinda again...I hate to rain on your parade, but I'm pretty sure bananas are not local to McKinney. It all looks great though!

YUMMY!!! Looks great... do you get these from Van Alstyne? Where do you get them?

How do I get those? Yum minus the beets :)

Toni, that's so awesome a lot of people in your office are going to do a co-op!! Let me know how your first delivery is.

Justin - Oh, I'm still very much a meat girl! The co-op just does produce though :)

Melinda, ha! You're right - no local bananas :) Just updated that.

For the rest of yous guys... I edited the post at the end to add info about where to sign up/how to get involved :)

Very cool!! We are very fortunate to have a very large yard, so we grow all of that (except the fruit) ourselves. We hope to do the fruit at some point too. I am so glad you have a great place to get good fresh local produce too!!!

Jenny-My co-worker has received her deliveries for the last two weeks and she says it's AWESOME! I can't wait to get mine. She tells me the produce is SO fresh. Our organic bananas come from Ecuador in case anyone was wondering. I'm in Michigan (lower Southeast portion of the state) so there are tons of farms around. It actually amazes me how many. We pay around $39-$43 for each delivery and there's no delivery charge...pretty cool! My plan is to have a weekly delivery since I buy so much produce weekly so I'll be spending close to $160 each month but it's really worth it for fresh produce and MUCH cheaper than Whole Foods. Plus I have a hard time getting to the Farmer's Market each Saturday. The price will drop by about $5 per package once my office signs up together in August. I'll keep you posted on my actual box...I'm so excited! What's neat about ours too is you can subtract and add stuff from their current offerings, I really liked that feature. I was SO impressed with how much you got for the price...you got a TON of carrots..wow! Happy Healthy Eating to your cute family! BTW, I just LOVE your blog...so fun and your daughters are absolutely ADORABLE! :o)

Rebecca, that's so awesome! I can't keep hardly anything alive but would love to learn to garden someday.

Toni - that sounds like a great deal. Love that you're getting a bit of break with so many people doing it together. I'm dying to see what you get. We'll have to come up with some new recipes for all this produce. The carrots are sooo good. I blanched them then grilled them with onions and green peppers on kabobs last night - mmm! I'm so glad you like my blog :)

Jenny - I CAN'T keep a house plant alive (and for some reason I got 2 for Mother's day - both rapidly on their way towards death, I'm afraid), but I have found plants outdoors, planted in the dirt, to be SO much easier!!! I figure in the house it's my job to take care of them, outside, it's up to God! : )

Hi Jenny! Unfortunately I didn't have time to take a photo but here's what I got: 2 heads of boston lettuce, 2 pkgs. of fresh and yummy raspberries, 2 pkgs. of blueberries, a zucchini, a squash, 6 bananas, 2 English cucumbers, 4 apples, a nectarine, 6 kiwi, 2 pounds of strawberries, a cantaloupe and a pound of cherry tomatoes....all for about $43.75! Woot Woot!!! Everyone was fighting over the raspberries...they were SO yummy! I think I'll be sauteing the zucchini and squash with salt, pepper, olive oil and garlic to have with dinner this week. Yummo!

Yum, Toni!!!!!

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