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May 01, 2009


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CUTE KITCHEN!!!! I must know where the curtains came from. I LOVE them!!

Your kitchen is so cute!! Loved seeing it, thanks for sharing!

You have a beautiful kitchen!!! Thanks for sharing!

Nice kitchen! Not ocd really. I like the look of organization.

Great kitchen images. Very pretty. It's also nice to run across another fellow blogger who sews. I design childrens clothing and womens jewelry. So fun to see another with similar interests. Found your blog thru Kelly's. Just posted my kitchen tour today. Have fun! Blessings, Angie
www.angelicagracedesigns.com/blog/ (blog)
www.angelicagracedesigns.com (website)

I LOVE your valance! I heart Tervis tumblers too (the insulated cups). Did you know they even make lids for them that you can put straws in? Very pretty!
Joy @ www.joyslife.com

Megan - thanks so much! I made the drapes with 60% off silk fabric from Joann's and cheapy black out liner.

Pam, Heather, and Kelly - thanks!!

Angie, nice to find a like minded blogger!!

Joy, I didn't know they made lids for my cups! Must check that out :)

Nice kitchen! I like your valance above your sink a lot!

Beautiful! Love your countertops. During certain seasons of the year I end up with ants as well. Here's a cheap fix. Take Mule Team Borax and powdered sugar and sprinkle it at the source. I've put it around the sinks and along the backs of the countertops, along the floor, etc. They get the powdered sugar on their feet and take it "home." Try it, it works!

Jan, thanks for the ant tip. I will definitely give it a whirl. Thankfully, I haven't seen any since last Monday afternoon's pest guy treatment. Fingers crossed!!

How did you make your cord cover? You are so talented! Oh...and the window treatment above the sink! Beautiful!

Mandy, I cut one piece of fabric twice the length of the cord and about 8 inches wide. Then I sewed the length right sides together. Turned it right side out and voila! A scrunchie tube. Thanks for your comment!

Here's another ant tip for you. I used to find ants in our pantry, but there were only ever 1-3 at a time (as opposed to our previous place, but that's another story). I heard cayenne pepper worked, so I just sprinkled a little on one shelf and never saw another ant again. This was especially nice as I never could find the source so I wasn't sure just how to stop their entrance.

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