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May 03, 2009


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how neat that you are working on a line of home accents. can't wait to see what you come up with.

i am so excited to see and hear about your trip to the moda warehouse. i can't believe i didn't know it was in dallas. i will def be visiting soon. thanks for the info.

Have a GREAT time at Moda!! BTW....in reference to the "PS" question....it stands for "Post Script" - a message appended at the end of a letter after the writer's signature. Although they are not commonly accepted, PPS (post post script) and PPPS (you can do the math) do grammatically "make sense".? My linguist husband would remind you that in the English Language you are successful in using the language if people understand your meaning and, in this case, I believe they do!!

I compare it to dynamics markings in music. f = forte (loud); ff=fortissimo (very loud); and fff=fortississimo which = super loud! And post just means "after"-- don't see why you can't make "after comments" as many times as you want!

By the way, I want to order a 12 ft table runner with 10 matching placemats and coodinating napkins for the NM house! Let's talk about it!

Ps--- loved having the girls! Will do it any time we can!

Ah, post script. That makes sense! Thanks for the education lesson, Candace :)

Mimi - the girls had a blast. Kate fell asleep and is still sleeping on our couch. You wore her out! We'll defintely figure out something for NM.

How about aprons?? I know I use them and would love to find some cute, chic....affordable ones! The ones I see in the store, are stylish and mod, but way to costly! I sure like Roz's idea of a table runner, placemats and napkins. I don't think out of all the years I have set my dinner table, I have ever had a complete....matching set!!! Love the idea. Missed you at MOPs, but can understand why you skipped! Hope you had fun! Sorry I missed the 1st McKinney Marthas, but heard from the gals it was a total success! Way to go Jenny!! xoxo, Jamie

I was going to suggest aprons, too. That would be really cute. Maybe the cute retro kind that is just from waist down (like Rachel used to wear at Central Perk).

You could do throw blankets, throw pillows, cafe curtains. What about a cute little quilted wallet/clutch thing?

I'm excited about your new endeavor!

So do you want me to have James sign up all his geek buddies, too? Are you just talking about people who have you in their RSS feeders?

Aprons seem to be a popular request, I'll definitely be adding those!

Melinda, 150 is 150, right? :) Yep RSS feeders. Much love to the geeks!

Jenny - I'm on RSS will that help - I read all your stuff - have trouble with the feedblitz and spam protectors

ClaireOKC, thanks so much for the RSS. Yes, that will definitely help!

Your trouble with feedblitz and spam protectors - is that trouble you're having with my site or your's? Thanks!

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