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March 22, 2009


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Okay that was so super cute!! Great job Jenny. I love refinishing furniture... I'm actually looking for an old desk to put in my guest bedroom to have a little sewing area! I'm so excited.

OH... next time you do it maybe you should pick a non-breezy day... however those days seem few and far between lately! :)

This was an awesome tutorial!!! I love how you set up the video. I admit that I like being able to read the instructions as well as hear you say them. :) Great job and beautiful refinish!

I am glad you posted the before and after pics!! wow they look great:) I really liked how you made the video flow...it was fun to watch the whole thing....hope you didn't swallow too much paint!! Can't wait to see the next video...

Okay, when do you find the time??? Awesome job!

You're so cute! Thanks for the video! The chairs look great--look at you go!

Thank you so much for the demonstration. I have a dresser I need to paint and had no idea how. I am motivated to do it now!! Are you trying out for your own show on HGTV?

They look wonderful!

Do you know where you got that framed iron work? I love that piece!

Found you from Living with Lindsay.

Bella, the frame on the table is from Hobby Lobby and the hanging iron piece is from Kohls. HTH! :)

I love this video tut!!! if you go to my blog you can see, I'm planning to paint a bunch of office furniture soon.

I have a few questions - I tried spray painting a small night stand a few months ago - I got lots of drips - how do I avoid drips?

you were spraying in the wind- how do you get the paint to go where you want in the wind? LOL there was only a little breeze when I painted, and I felt like I "lost" a lot of paint.

How did you not get you grass full of black paint with out a drop cloth?

and one last question......what program did you use to make your cute video?

Sorry for writing a novel....Thanks!



You can avoid drips by using shorter bursts of spray a little farther away from the piece. Does that make sense? Maybe 10 inches away and either use short bursts of spray or be sure to move your spraying hand and never leave it in one spot. If you do get drips, dab 'em right away so they don't dry! If they are already dried, sandpaper them away. I find it's better to do a couple coats of spray paint rather than lay in on heavy which results in drips!

I have no idea how I didn't get excessively black grass! I guess the wind helped :) I

I use iMovie (I have a Mac) to edit - love it!!

:) Jenny

Thanks Jenny !

just one more reason I wish I had a Mac! LOL


First of all, I need to know what program you made that video on...very professional editing....love it!!! And I love how it turned out. You are good my friend!

Thank you so much for linking with me today. I was gonna be ecstatic if 3 or 4 others joined me....so I'm a little 'verklempt'.

Hugs and love,
Miss Edie

Thanks, Edie! I used imovie on my Mac. Love it! Your kitchen update is fab :)

Great job, love it!

Jenny ~ I'm going to give an old bookcase a makeover today and just re-watched your video as a refresher. (I even took notes - what a nerd, I know! ;))

I'm taking 'before' & 'after' shots - maybe even a 'middle' shot. I'll be sure to share my results, sensei.

Love ya,

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