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February 02, 2009


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You are a rock star if you can get dressed and the girls with makeup and hair done and showered... only 5 days after having a baby! You are going to do just fine. :)

I am enjoying reading about you and your new daughter. I went through all this same stuff a month ago!! Love those non-focusing baby eyes....my little one's are crossed a lot. I keep thinking "they're going to stick like that". I can't believe you went somewhere alone with them already...I had major panic attacks about staying home alone with 2!!

WOW! You went to MOPS??? You are awesome! You all look gorgeous! :)

Could you BE any more amazing? I think not. All three girls look wonderful!

Oh my gosh...you are in my MOPS group!! I just joined this semester because of Vanessa and Christy Axford and Melanie Mink. I have been reading your blog for awhile now since I googled nap mats to make one for my friend (then later my daughter) and just checked to see if you had your baby yet...and recognized you from last meeting!!! Congratulations...maybe Kate and my Kyndall can get together on one of our playdates!!!BTW...you look so happy and great!

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