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May 25, 2009


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Mine does, but G doesn't nap until 2:30, so it's really stretched out! Glad to know I'm not the only one!

bummer that you are regularly waking up at 2 a.m.!!

haha love it--- sounds very familiar! brad sounds like a good catch. im not sure mike would get up if there was a fire

yes I am there with you. Kristen wakes between 2 and 4 am if it's before that I am up again between 5 and 6am, I HAVE to get out of bed by 730 or the big kids are late to school. Usually promising to go to bed earlier tonight ;) by 9am I am always ready for a nap. Kristen on the otherhand usually stays up until 1030am, and has been banished to crying herslef to sleep in her crib b/c she won't settle down with me for nap. only about a 45 minute nap most days. Then she is up until about 3pm so she gets another short nap if I have to go get the kig kids from school. they are able to walk home though b/c it's close!
gotta love motherhood.

Every day, Every day. Ugggg

Yup.....been there already today!

I hate that I feel like I am always looking forward to nap time...so lame. Lately, I truly desire an attitude change (well, most days).
I am really trying to be intentional with my time with each of my kiddos because I know that it is time to be treasured and is going to be gone before I know it. Not getting sound sleep at night really destroys my mood though. :(

Would you stop looking into my broken
blinds???? Hehehe....the only difference
is my toddlers go to nappy at 1 after lunch.
The baby is over a year but still is up
at all hours of the night because of teething.
I have found that if I get up and run in a
circle really fast like the kidlets do
then twirl a bit then ....yeah I get dizzy
but my heart gets pumpin' and I dont need
a nap as badly... it also makes that caffine
hit my brain faster...think blood rush.
.............You know you are totally going
to close your blinds and do it in the
morning....hehe! It works...that is why
those ankle biters do it ...so they dont
have to nap!!!! I hear them talking! hehe!
I have a 18 month old mine...a 2 year old*my
brother and his wife passed away in the
pass 15 months.* a 3 year old...mine and
a 4 year old..brothers...and a 8 year old..
mine and a just turned 13 year old who acts
like he is not mine in public...hehehe!
Sooo busy. SSSSSSSSSSSSoooooooooo sleepy.
haha... yet when night hits I am not tired
at all. Maybe I missed my chance in the
afternoon? Ah~well.
Take care, love to you and your kidlets.

HAHA!! Wow... this is the story of my life. Don't worry I think having your kids in school sort helps the day be more structured. So I'm sure your days will be different this fall.

Oh and I can't stand Yo Gabba Gabba... those songs... AHHH!

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